China UV Bandpass Filter

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China UV Bandpass Filter

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340nm, 365nm mercury lamp UV bandpass filter
BP337nm, BP340nm mercury lamp UV bandpass filter, mainly used in UV high pressure mercury lamps that pass through a specific spectrum.
1.product introduction
Kingki Optical's high-performance narrow-band filter with spectral coverage from 200nm to 5000nm. This product is produced by dielectric hard film by vacuum ion assisted coating, which makes the film dense, drift-free, scratch-resistant and difficult. It is eroded by moisture, and the anti-reflection coating is added on the back side, which increases the transmittance and increases the energy of the light.
(337nm Mercury Lamp UV Bandpass Filter)
2.the application:
BP337nm, BP340nm mercury lamp UV bandpass filter, mainly used in UV high pressure mercury lamps that pass through a specific spectrum.
3.the company's strength
Kingki has long been responsible for the research and production of military optical coatings. The chief engineer has more than 40 years of military optical coating experience, and has 33 national authorized patents. Nine optical film systems have won the People's Republic of China Science and Technology Progress Award.
Kingki has a high-end factory building of 4,000 square meters, 13 sets of advanced coating machines and complete test equipment, with the ability to mass produce high-end optical filters.
Kingki's wide range of products, excellent performance, high quality and low price, prompt delivery
5. Demand table
band pass filters
Although the theory developed for antireflection coatings on high-index mate- rials applies equally well to low-index materials, the problem is made much more severe by the lack of any rugged thin-film materials of very low index. Magnesium fluoride, with an index of around 1.38, represents the lowest prac- tical index that can be achieved. This immediately makes the manufacture of designs arrived at by the straightforward application of the techniques so far discussed, largely impossible. Design techniques for antireflection coatings on low-index materials are less well organized and involve much more intu- ition and trial and error than those for high-index materials.China UV Bandpass Filter

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